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Senior Portraits San Antonio

outdoor senior portraits san antnio texas photographyWe are a full service studio and take many portraits for graduation students.  Also, we can take a cap and gown portrait if you’re needing formal cap and gown portraits along with your casual and formal.  Our portrait studio is a comfortable place to visit and have your senior portraits taken. Most noteworthy, we work very well with our customers and love to please.  Seriously consider coming to our portrait studio for your next graduation or senior portraits.  Look in your closet for your favorite clothing, hat, shoes, tops, pants or whatever you like to wear. We do recommend that you let us give you tips and advice for clothing choices. 
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Cap and Gown

Oh, this is especially relevant. Yes! We do have the cap and gown available for your graduation portraits. Please check with us for exact color requirements. Some high schools have the same colors so we may already have what you need. on the other hand, The tassel is a different story but not to worry. Therefore, we can always add it in later.

High School Girls, Your Checklist!

  • If you are a girl here is a list of things to remember to bring with you.
  • If you wear make-up then please bring it with you. Bring your hair brush, lipstick, powder and bring along anything other facial items.
  • Be certain you like your hair the day of your portrait. Be prepared to bring a clip if you like to wear your hair up or if you want to see how you look with it up.
  • Are you in the honor society? If the answer is yes please let us know. In addition, we have a few colors of sashes. Check with us to see if we have your school color.
  • Do you require honor cords? We most likely don’t have those. Also, Each school and school subject matter calls for specific colors.
  • Also, Will you be wearing casual clothes? Go for bright and solid colors. Seems like too many patterns distract.
  • In conclusion this probably this should cover everything. Therefore, If you have other questions or ideas just contact us.

Boys Checklist

  • Finally, for boys. Bring a shirt and tie if you’re wearing cap and gown, otherwise just wear what you’re comfortable wearing.
  • Also, bring a brush or comb.

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